BELLE CHASSE, La. - It's billed as a one-stop resource center for those in the state's fishing industry.

On Thursday, officials are marking the expansion of the Southeast Louisiana Fisheries Assistance Center in Belle Chasse.

Seedco financial is set up to help fishermen get technical business support, free legal services and assistance with the BP claims process.

The non profit says it not only helps fishermen submit claims but also determines if a settlement is reasonable.

Officials add translation services are also available to the Vietnamese fishing community. So far $15 million in loans have been given out to 500 fisheries related businesses.

According to Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, oil is still being found along the coast, but so far he says it doesnt seem to be posing a challenge for fishermen in paying back those loans.

'We're struggling with the shrimp season and if the oysters are coming back and that will be the loans and correspondance I've had the receiptents have been good at paying loans thus far,' said Nungesser.

'Obviously if we see the shrimping and oyster industry suffer, as we do still see oil out there, and that's why weve been trying to stay on BP to clean up this oil to not cut and run. Because themore oil we can pull out this water, obviously the quicker this fishing industry will come back.'

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