Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard is fighting a legal battle on a number of federal charges, but now he's facing another big challenge. Broussard has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Eric Paulsen had an exclusive one-on-one interview with Broussard about his diagnosis.

Eric Paulsen / Eyewitness News
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Aaron Broussard said has two goals in his life now that he has been diagnosed with cancer: saving his life and preserving his freedom, in that order.

He said he was feeling good and is hopeful through good medicine he can beat this cancer. The first thing I asked him what exactly did his doctor tell him.

'Well, he said that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer,'Broussard said. 'He showed me a picture of where it was in my prostate. He said that I wasn't a candidate for certain numbers of options.

'Well, there are a number of options for prostate cancer patients, and they range from wait and see, which is something where if they don't believe the cancer is aggressive, they can tell you, if you wish, you can wait and see and monitor it every three months with PSA and they do biopsies on a regular basis.

'So it's that kind of path, and some people are able to take that path. I'm not.

'Really, for me, it's going to come down to two options: radical surgery or radiation treatments, and probably through the external beam process. So those are my two options and I need to make decisions about those options probably by the second week of April.

'Prostate cancer is the type of cancer if you catch it early you really do have an opportunity to have a treatment, a therapy, a surgery that minimizes the chances of that cancer returning. The doctor believes that depending on what option I take, that I could have a very, very low percentage of a reoccurring cancer, depending on what option I take.'

Broussard also talked about the stress of being under indictment and fighting cancer, and how he believes his faith will pull him through the legal and medical challenges facing him.

'But no, I don't feel that stress level now. No, I really don't. I feel confident where I am with that. I can't discuss the case, but I can only tell you if your defense in your case is the truth and the facts, then I am very comfortable with that.

'And so that in my mind is in a certain position where I feel very comfortable about ready to go to trial. And that's in a good place for me as far as what I know about the case and what I'm ready to say about the case.

'Now, that being said, I felt like that for a long time. And again, the people that know me, they know my faith, they know my sense of humor. And those two things have really given me a very good, positive attitude, really for the last several years.

There's an old saying that today is the first day of the rest of your life. So I'm off to a heck of a start, huh?'

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