NEW ORLEANS A day after gunmen opened fire on a school bus, at least two of the children who were on that bus decided to stay home, according to a report on Uptown Messenger.

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As a bus with an unknown number of students was carrying teens home from L.B. Landry High School on the westbank to their homes in the Uptown area, police said two gunmen opened fire on the bus. Only one child was injured, and she was only hit with broken glass.

Still, the trauma from the event kept at least two children home, their mother told Uptown Messenger. She said they were too shaken to get back on the bus and that she has no other way to get them to school.

'The individuals were described as two black males, 14 to 16 years old, one wearing a black hoodie, the other one wearing a red scarf,' said NOPD 6th District Commander Bob Bardy.

Police are still investigating whether or not the school bus was the intended target and are looking for two suspects.

For another Uptown mother of two, who lived near where the shooting occurred, the close call hits too close to home.

'Now I'm going to need to get up and make sure my child is getting to school and back safe,' Veronica said.

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