SLIDELL, La. A man was arrested after demanding money while holding a water gun on a gas station food store clerk, Slidell police said Tuesday.

According to Assistant Police Chief Kevin Foltz, Lazaro Gonzalez, a homeless man who cleaned the Shell gas station on Pontchartrain Drive for a small fee every day, came in on Monday and wanted more than his usual pay.

Foltz said Gonzalez requested his pay from the clerk and that when she went to open the register, he stuck something in her back and demanded all the money in the machine.

Thinking he was kidding, Foltz said the clerk turned around and saw the purple water pistol in Gonzalez's hand. She pushed him out of the store and called out to a customer pumping gas and told him what happened. Foltz said the customer followed Gonzalez while the clerk called police.

Gonzalez was arrested after a brief struggle. The water gun was found in a nearby dumpster.

Gonzalez was arrested for armed robbery, simple battery and resisting an officer.

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