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LAPLACE, La. - Hundreds of people lined Airline Highway in LaPlace to pay their respects to Deputy Jeremy Triche. Whether he was a stranger or a friend, it seemed like the whole community came out on the hot, summer day.

Without a note from a bagpipe or 'Taps' on a trumpet, the tribute to Deputy Triche along Airline Highway was rhythmic in its own right, all thanks to the steady hum of a sea of engines.

'It's hard. We lost two good people and we have two that's in the hospital and it's just horrible,' said Vivian Waguespack, a LaPlace resident who stood in the heat waiting to see the flashing lights pass.

Some of the people lining the highway knew Deputy Triche. Others felt compelled to say goodbye to a stranger.

'It's just sad. I feel bad for all the families. We're praying every day for the guys to pull through that got injured,' LaPlace resident John Adams said.

'It's just a sad, sad situation and a hurting situation,' Emma Morris said.

An army of peace officers escorted Triche's remains from the visitation site, to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church for the funeral, and finally, to the cemetery. Fire trucks stood at attention in front of the St. John Sheriff's Office out of respect for the fallen hero.

'It's like I have to be here. I just have to be here,' Waguespack said.

As the hundreds of engines from near and far hummed their salute to Triche, it was as if the community's hearts beat as one after a tragedy no one could've imagined.

'It's a very sad situation but I would like the family to know in the midst of this situation that God loves them,' Morris said.

'I know he doesn't understand what's going on, but I just wanted him to be here even though he wasn't gonna remember it,' said Jessica Kummer, a LaPlace resident who was along the route with her young son.

Unfortunately, the funeral procession route will be the road well traveled this week, with a similar procession planned for Brandon Nielsen, the other LaPlace deputy killed, on Tuesday.

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