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BATON ROUGE, La. Gov. Bobby Jindal met with Assumption Parish officials on Monday to discuss the sinkhole that has displaced hundreds of residents while also announcing plans to visit the Bayou Corne community.

Eyewitness News anchor Katie Moore reported on the sinkhole last month and how parish residents were dissatisfied with the state's response.

'We had a productive meeting today to discuss the state's ongoing response to the sinkhole and outline a contingency plan after concerns were raised about a second Texas Brine salt dome cavern,' Jindal said.

Hundreds of residents are still under a mandatory evacuation order more than 200 days after the sinkhole began. Geophyisicists say the western side of a brine cavern is collapsing, filling in from deep in the Earth, causing the sinkhole at the surface to expand and contract.

The governor said he met Monday with Assumption Parish officials and area legislators to discuss the state's ongoing response.

He also plans to meet on Wednesday with Texas Brine, the company that owns the Oxy-Geismar No. 1 cavern that's causing the problems with the sinkhole. He said he'll ask for expedited buyouts for 'those whose lives have been uprooted by the sinkhole.'

'It's time for Texas Brine to step up and do the right thing for the people in Bayou Corne,'the governor siad.

Jindal said he will visit the Bayou Corne community next week. The governor said they have already begun implementing a contingency plan in place should the second salt dome cavern fail.

'We are taking action immediately though to protect lives and property in the area of the second salt dome,' Jindal said.

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