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NEWORLEANS- Paths To Progress crews re-surfaced Broadway after extensive repairs. But just two weeks later, the Sewerage & Water Board dug a hole in the new, smooth street this morning after a water leak appeared.

'It's been great, until we had this leak spring up in the middle of this new road,' said Carrollton resident David Groome.

'I just can't believe that this street barely has a week of being repaved, and they're already tearing it up,' exclaimed Carrollton resident Carlos Baltodano.

Carlos Baltodano took a picture of the crew digging the hole in the street to repair the broken pipe underground.

'They told us that they were going to coordinate with the contractors in order to fix all the Sewerage & Water issues before the road was repaved,' Carlos questioned.

'It's very frustrating, and our taxes are getting ready to go up so the Sewerage and Water Board can theoretically fix all these things, and we had a great chance to fix this while it was all torn up,' added Groome.

The Sewerage andWater Board says it did come out and made repairs to all of the leaks that existed before the work began.

'Every leak that exists before Paths To Progress, before this group gets in there, we're making repairs on, we've made the repairs on,' said Robert Jackson, of the Sewerage & Water Board. 'This one was not a leak when they began the work.'

The Sewerage and Water Board said the weight of the machinery installing the pavement could have caused a new leak.

'The stress of the equipment on top of the lines causes a leak, but in that case, we're going to get in there, and take care of it,' explained Jackson.

And it could happen again.

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