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NEW ORLEANS -- Two grocery stores and two parking lots were both full of shoppers Saturday afternoon despite being just across the street from one another.

Winn-Dixie recently opened a brand new location on Carrollton Avenue just across the street from Rouses Supermarket in Mid-City.

From the new Whole Foods coming to Broad Street, to the new Costco and the soon-to-be reopened Circle Food Store -- up and coming New Orleans communities are becoming more and more attractive to businesses and big retail chains.

'You are hitting people where you know there is a market and where you know you will be successful because someone else has already demonstrated their success,' said Dana Eness the Executive Director of the Urban Conservancy.

Eness and the organization are dedicated to creating a strong, locally-run economy, and she said the addition of Winn-Dixie just across the street from Rouses in Mid-City is an example of how grocery developments are in turn creating more economic development.

'We certainly welcome it because it brings a lot of new potential customers to us too,' said Rouses Marketing Director Tim Acosta. 'I just think that if they are coming to take advantage of some of the new services over here, they will stop in our store as well.'

This week, both Rouses and Winn Dixie rolled out big advertisements and specials to get people through their doors, which can only mean more money in people's pockets.

'Folks in this area could potentially benefit in a lot of ways with a little healthy competition and options,' said Eness.

Acosta says Rouses, a family-owned store, will continue to do what it always does, support the local community and local businesses.

Still, when you walk through Rouses' doors you can already see the competition brewing, with signs up that compare its prices to Winn-Dixies' prices.

'I think this neighborhood is growing, you can just feel it,' said Acosta. 'It's thriving and a lot of people are moving back in.'

It is a new and growing base that is up for grabs for these two grocery stores, and businesses like Rouses said it is only a sign of more good things to come.

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