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MANDEVILLE, La. -- Police concluded that a reported kidnapping attempt that allegedly took place on Barbara Place in August was 'unsubstantiated,' according to Mandeville Police.

'(A)fter having thoroughly investigated this incident, (police) have been unable to corroborate any evidence of the victim's account in this matter,' said Lt. Gerald Stickler, spokesman for Mandeville Police.

On Aug. 27, an 11-year-old girl said she was getting off of a bus around 3:45 p.m. near the intersection of Cambronne Street and Barbara Place, when she was approached by a Hispanic man.

The man reportedly got out of his car and asked the girl if she wanted a ride. The girl, who was near her driveway, ran to her home and saw the man running behind her. Once inside, she told her father about the alleged incident. The father then went outside the home to find the man, but the man had already fled in his car.

'Detectives have exploited every available resource, from sex offender registries, telephonic tips, area surveillance cameras, and video from the school bus from that day to no avail. Additionally, inconsistent and contradictory statements regarding the incident were made during the investigation. As such, the MPD has concluded that this reported incident is unsubstantiated,' Stickler said.

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