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NEW ORLEANS -- Frank Davis was such a vibrant personality that word of his passing was shocking.

'Fisherman of all fishermen. Good cook, gumbo man, etoufee, crawfish bisque,' said one viewer on Canal Street. 'He's good. Mr. Capo, we lost a good man.'

'My wife really liked it, enjoyed watching him,' said another. 'We'll miss him a lot.'

'Very shocked,' was the reaction of a man who hadn't heard the news yet.

The news of Frank's death hit especially hard for those who worked so closely with him during his thirty years at Eyewitness News.

'If you ever went fishing with Frank, Frank was so much fun,' said Eric Paulsen on the Morning News, as his voice cracked with emotion.

Sally Ann Roberts responded: 'Yes, and you went fishing with him many times.'

'Everybody's got a great memory of Frank Davis,' said meteorologist Laura Buchtel, her own memories making her fight back tears as she began her weathercast. 'Well, let's take a look at the radar this morning. We are looking at some showers pushing off of our coastline. Uhh, you've got me choked up a little bit this morning. We're looking at those showers push offshore.'

'It's very tough,' said Serio's Deli owner Mike Serio, his eyes red. 'Frank was a true friend, a true New Orleanian. He was the epitome of what's fun about this city.'

Serio has Frank's autographed picture on the wall of Serio's Deli, and remembers participating in Naturally N'Awlins features with Frank.

'I was in a bunch of them. He was my buddy.'

In a 1996 segment of our '12 For The Road' holiday series, Frank talked about how much fun he had getting people involved in Naturally N'Awlins reports.

'You know they say the whole world is a stage, and people really want to get involved,' Frank said then. 'They want to participate, as long as you give them the chance. If you don't give them time to rehearse, and catch them spontaneously, they're great, they're all Academy Award winners.'

Everybody knew Frank Davis had the best job in the world, especially Frank.

'My life is nothing but fun from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. It is, it's nothing but fun.'

We always laughed that Frank could stand on Canal Street, ask people to read aloud from the phone book, and it would be hysterically funny. But Frank always showcased the best about New Orleans and the people who live here, and that's not a bad way to be remembered.

We'll miss you Frank.

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