Some local leaders and analysts reacted to Chief Ronal Serpas' decision to step down.

N.O. Mayor Mitch Landrieu

'Making our city safe is my top priority, and I am proud to have worked with Chief Serpas over the past four years as he led this department through very challenging circumstances and turned this department around,' Mayor Landrieu said. 'I want to thank Chief Serpas and his family for their service and sacrifice. Chief Serpas inherited a department in disarray with several federal investigations and deep budget problems. There was no crime lab and rape kits collected dust on shelves. We've made significant progress and have begun to fix many of the fundamentals. Most significantly, through NOLA FOR LIFE, we have overseen a significant reduction in murder. I am confident that with this foundation, we will have success in transforming our department and making New Orleans a safer place to live, work and visit.'

N.O. City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell

'I want to thank Chief Serpas for his years of service during a difficult transition period, involving the consent decree, a deepening morale problem within NOPD's rank and file and our battle against violent crime in New Orleans. I look forward to working with the interim chief Lt. Michael Harrison, the Mayor, The Council and city and community leaders to rebuild and strengthen NOPD's moraleand to make our streets safer, ensuring that we have a chief and police department that is a part of the community it seeks to protect and serve.'

N.O. City CouncilPresident Stacy Head

'Chief Serpas has led NOPD for four years and brought many positive changes, including the implementation of a federal consent decree that continues to drive out corruption and waste from the department. He began a robust recruitment campaign that is well underway today and I am confident will ultimately strengthen our force by attracting the best and brightest. These efforts will lead to continued public safety and a reduction in violent crimes. I am grateful to Chief Serpas for his service and leadership.'

N.O. City Councilman Jared Brossette

'...He is an example to young recruits and current officers that with hard work and dedication, they too can have a career with advancement and accomplishment in the NOPD.

Over his tenure, Chief Serpas furthered the Department's commitment to community policing, implemented the federal consent decree, and saw a reduction in the City's post-Katrina homicide rate. As a Louisiana Legislator, I worked with Chief Serpason legislation to issue more summons in lieu of arrests for minor offenses. For this and his other achievements, I commend the Superintendent. And, I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Looking forward for the NOPD, I offer my full support to Interim Superintendent Michael Harrison, formerly the 7th District Commander. As we all know, the Department has many challenges before it. At this time, I ask that all of my constituents in District 'D' and all New Orleanians join me in supporting and offering our full backing toInterim Chief Harrisonas he takes on the tremendous tasks before him.'

WWL-TVPolitical Analyst Clancy DuBos

'Rumors of his departure had been swirling since the election. It's not a surprise. Ithink he accomplished what he hoped to in terms of restructuring the department and now it's time to pass the torch.'

SUNOCriminologist Dr. John Penny

'He will be seen as someone who did not have any major impact on several issues that impact the city the most - rapes and robberies. He did not have a great relationship with the public. I'm sure he's leaving at a time that's convenient to him. Ido believe the tide and winds of low morale and the abundance of people leaving the department helped in making this decision.'

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