METAIRIE, La. The New Orleans Saints are being accused of covering up the theft of narcotics by a staff member in a lawsuit filed by the team's former director of security Friday.

Geoffrey Santini, a former FBI agent, claims in the suit that he became aware of Vicodin being stolen from a medicine cabinet at the team facility last summer.

Santini said in the suit that after discussing his beliefs with Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis, a plan was made to place hidden cameras in the room where medicine was kept.

In the suit, Santini said the videotape showed a team staff member taking the pills, but he said when he later discussed what to do about the thefts with Loomis, he was told to let it go, that it was not a criminal investigation.

He went on to say that he was told by others that the organization would adjust logs that are required to be kept concerning the dispensing of narcotics.

Santini said in the suit that he also discussed the incidents with both Saints Owner Tom Benson and NFL security and then resigned his position with the team.

He said he quit because he was being harassed and pressured to commit illegal or criminal acts. reportedthe followingresponse by Saints Vice-President of Communications, Greg Bensel.

'A former employee who resigned just before the 2009 regular season threatened to go public with these unfounded charges unless we agreed to pay him an exorbitant sum of money,' said Bensel. 'We refused, and now he has gone public. We will aggressively defend these false allegations in court.'

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