NEW ORLEANS This afternoon Gov. Bobby Jindal said thank you to veteran after veteran. He handed out roughly 300 military medals to veterans in Bogalusa, including Sgt. Jimmy Pecoraro.

'It is such an honor,' he said. 'It's nice to be here. I was actually expecting to come here and there would be about 50 people, but it looks like 400 or 500 people here. It is really an honor.'

For Jindal, handing out medals is nothing new. He's now given out medals at 68 different Veterans events 16,000 medals all together.

'I get more than anybody does out of these ceremonies because I can't tell you how many of these guys will come in their wheelchairs or their canes and say, 'Governor, I'll go back if you need me to.''

Meanwhile in St. Tammany, Drew Brees exercised with kids at Magnolia Trace Elementary. The school won an NFL Play 60 grant, and won a visit from the Saints quarterback.

Brees spent his veteran's day honoring his grandfather.

'My grandfather was a Marine in Okinowa in World War II. He was 19 years old when they stormed the beach at Okinowa. He's 85 now,' Brees said. 'I'd like to think he's going to live forever, but there's going to be a time when these veterans are not going to be here with us anymore, and I think the more we can show them our appreciation but also educate young people as to what World War II was all about, how it shaped the world that's an educational experience I think everybody needs.'

Brees is on the board of the National World War II museum. Many of these men in Bogalusa were there.

'The most important thing we can do is say 'thank you', to thank them for their service,' Jindal said.

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