NEW ORLEANS With the Mississippi at uncomfortably high levels, inspection crews are going around the metro area inspecting levees constantly.

Despite the high water levels, the director of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority West says the levees in Algiers are functioning just as they should.

Inspectors walk along the levee observing any changes they see and taking photographs to keep track of the water levels.

At Algiers Point, for instance, water is up high along some trees that are normally fully in view. Some residents say that grass is usually cut in some areas now covered with several feet of water.

The flood protection authority is asking people not to walk on the levees and certainly not to drive on them.

They say walkers can get in the way of inspectors and that drivers can cause some damage to the integrity of the levee.

Still several people have been coming to the levees to see the historic river levels. Other than the high and rapidly moving water, most say they don't see anything amiss with the levees.

'A lot of people will tell me that sometimes they see water (on the side of the levee opposite the river),' said Laura Feher. 'But I don't see anything.'

'Scary, but exciting too,' said Jeanette Maier. 'To experience this and see what's going on, but it's OK because we know we're safe.'

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