Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter | @wwltvsports

METAIRIE, La. ― Heading into the Saints' Monday night win over New York, New Orleans averaged only 45.1 yards on 5.8 penalties per game.

By the time the Saints' 49-24 shellacking was finished, New Orleans had accumulated a season-high in penalties and yards.

'The concern I had in our game was we had double-digit penalties,' Saints coach Sean Payton said Wednesday. 'We had more than certainly we're used to and more than what's acceptable.'

New Orleans finished with 11 penalties for 104 yards.

Of those, four were personal fouls, roughing the passers or unnecessary roughness.

But while some of the calls were questionable, Payton said in the end, the blame can't be on the officials.

'I think the officials have a challenging job each week,' Payton said. 'We may or may not agree with every call and yet you still have to get to the next play and not let it have a carryover effect. We never want that to be a reason or an excuse as to why a game goes a certain direction.'

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