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NEW ORLEANS ― The Saints entered Sunday on the cusp of greatness.

The left the Superdome flying way past it.

New Orleans set at least 15 NFL team and individual records this season and put up at least another 17 franchise records, according to information researched by the team.

And it all was solidified in yet another shellacking at the Superdome, this time a 45-17 win over Carolina.

'Today you just look around and said, 'I don't know if any of us will be a part of something like this again,' ' quarterback Drew Brees said. 'Just having so many guys and obviously the whole team, what was it, 15 of 16 (NFL) records that were set or extended today. That's pretty remarkable.'

Indeed, with Green Bay running its record to 15-1 and the New England Patriots playing in the big media market of Boston, the Saints' excellence has gone largely unnoticed save for Brees' individual record set last week and extended Sunday.

For offensive linemen, the records won't give them recognition; but they realize they had a big part of getting there.

Even more, their skill position teammates let them know they played a part in attaining the records.

'There's kind of a team culture where those guys give us credit,' right tackle Zach Strief said. 'That's all we really want. I don't need my name in a record book anywhere. But it's also nice 15 years from now to look back and say, 'I was a part of that offense, I was a part of Drew getting that record, a part Darren, a part of Jimmy,' and you look at that with pride because you know you contributed.'

NFL Records (Team)

  • Total yards 7,474 (Rams 7,075 in 2000)
  • Passing yards - 5,347 )Rams 5,232 in 2000)
  • Home points 329 (292 Rams in 2000)
  • Completion percentage 71.3 percent (70.25 49ers in 1994)
  • Completions 472 (450 Colts/Saints in 2010)
  • First downs 416 (398 Chiefs in 2004)
  • Passing first downs 280 (259 Chargers in 1985)
  • Fumbles 6 (7 Chiefs in 2002)

Franchise Records (Team)

  • Wins 13 (tied 2009)
  • Home record 8-0
  • Points 547 (510 in 2009)
  • Touchdowns 66
  • Point After Touchdowns 63
  • Yards per play 6.7
  • Yards per rush 4.9
  • Pass attempts 662
  • Fumbles lost 5
  • Turnovers 19
  • Punting average 46.9
  • Third down conversion 118

NFL Records (Individual)
Drew Brees Passing yards 5,476 ; Completions 468; Completion percentage 71.2 percent; 300-yard games 13; Consecutive 300-yard games 7; Games with 20-plus completions 35 straight
Darren Sproles Combined yards 2,696

Franchise Records (Individual)
Drew Brees 46 touchdowns; 110.6 QB rating
Jimmy Graham 99 receptions; 1,310 receiving yards by a tight end
John Kasay 144 points; 63 PATs

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