Scott Satchfield and Mike Perlstein / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS -- At a civil service hearing Thursday, a number of NOPD officers appealed disciplinary action they faced because of their roles with LLCs and the paid detail system.

Now, as they await a decision, attorney Raymond Burkart, III, who represents one of the officers, left the hearing with a feeling of confidence.

'You see it's not an aorta of corruption. You saw evidence that showed the public wants this, that the public benefits from this, and, in ensuring it's run properly, this can be a great service to the citizens of New Orleans and not on the city's dime,' Burkart said.

But while these cases are being handled administratively, sources say a much larger detail controversy -- not involving officers at Thursday's hearing -- has escalated into a criminal investigation.

New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux confirmed that his office's findings have now been forwarded to other agencies.

'The investigations that the mayor publicly requested for red-light details and some other things are open and continuing into 2012,' Quatrevaux said.

Sources confirm that two big details administered by ranking officers for the city -- red-light camera tickets and impound lots -- are being scrutinized at the federal level.

Capt. Edwin Hosli and Sgt. Bradley Rhodes ran those lucrative details for the city. Nine months after the review began, Hosli and Rhodes remain on desk duty, awaiting an outcome.

Also on the radar, according to sources, the now-retired sergeant who ran the red light camera detail before Hosli -- Cyril Davallier.

Quatrevaux couldn't comment on any investigations beyond the one conducted by his office, but he remains outspoken about detail reforms.

'You can't fix the NOPD without fixing details and you can't fix the city of New Orleans without fixing the NOPD,' he said.

Meanwhile, the NOPD continues its own investigation into the situation.

Thursday, Deputy Chief Arlinda Westbrook issued this statement:

'The NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau has been working on this investigation from its start. The Superintendent awaits its findings.'

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