What is your reaction to the penalties?

'I'm shocked like everybody. Hubris is a very dangerous thing and the pride and arrogance that apparently emanated from the head coach through the ranks is now showing to be very costly. I'm not sure the penalties would have been more severe if Sean Payton had bet on football.'

I'm shocked and saddened. Two short years ago we were at the top of the league and now we have to be close to the bottom (as far as emotions).

On the repercussions:

What happens now with Drew Brees? Does he want to stay here? Who pulls the trigger on this deal now? Steve Spagnuolo came in as defensive coordinator, would he have taken the job had he known what was coming the impact to the defense, no first- or second-round picks this year (first-round pick was traded away last year) and no second-round pick next year.

Saints had chances to rectify this:

They ignored the edict of their owner and the edict of the commissioner of the NFL. I don't think anyone was prepared for how severe the action the commissioner took ended up being.

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