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AMITE, La. - The Amite City Council is taking up the issue of vicious dogs after another Tangipahoa town took steps to strengthen the rules it has on the books after an eight-year-old was attacked by pit bulls in April.

At least one council member said he wants to toss around the idea of whether new rules are necessary.

'Isee that other communities are doing what they need to do about this situation,'said Jonathan Foster, councilman in District 2. 'Ithink it's time we give this a look and see if we can do what we need to do here.'

That could include specific restraining rules for animals, registration requirements for owners and consequences for both.

People who work with animals, like Randy Stegall with Tangi Humane Society, say there should be rules, but there shouldn't be something specific saying some dogs are considered vicious and others aren't.

This will be a second attempt at regulations for vicious dogs in Amite City, after Foster's proposal failed three years ago.

A committee in Hammond will meet next Tuesday to finalize its new changes to the vicious dog ordinance there before offering it to city leaders for consideration.

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