New Orleans- Police have identified a local musician as the center of aSWAT roll Saturday night in the Desire neighborhood. They say Robert Maize, also known as the bounce artist 'Mr. Ghetto,' surrendered after a six hour standoff.

Maize, 26, gained hundreds of thousands hits on YouTube for his music video about 'Walmart,' shot in the metro area.

Now Mr. Ghetto has people talking for another reason.

Police shut down several streets in the Desire neighborhood for hours Saturday night after Maize barricaded himself inside his home in the 3100 block of Morrice Duncan Drive, prompting the SWAT team to negotiate with him.

Police say Maize told them he was armed.

Finally, around 11:30 Saturday night, authorities used tear gas to force Maize to leave his home, then wrestled him to the ground outside. Maize was booked about an hour later on three counts of extortion by threats.

Robin Blythe lives next door. She was one of the people evacuated during the standoff.

'To find out is was my neighbor, it was another thing you know. It was crazy,' said Blythe. 'Like something unbelievable. Never thought it would happen, and there it was, right there, next door.'

Police said it all began when Maize threatened to kill a neighbor. When authorities arrived on scene, they said Maize spoke with them then retreated into his home and refused to come out, screaming at them from inside the home instead.

Neighbors said it's out of character.

'Nobody never expected him to do that,' said Blythe.

Another neighbor who didn't want to go on camera said she never saw a bad side of Maize. She says she often saw him leave with a significant other and baby.

Police are still investigating exactly what happened. Bond has not yet been set in this case.

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