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NEW ORLEANS -- It has been a difficult off-season for Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis. The NFL suspended him for eight games as part of the bountygate -- pay to injure scandal involving the Saints. There was also an anonymously-sourced report on ESPN that claimed Loomis's booth at the Superdome was wired in a way that he could listen in on opposing coaches' communications.

Louisiana State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson said after an extensive investigation by his detectives the ESPN allegations are unfounded.

'We looked at this matter extensively. We took into account all the allegations that were made and we tried to apply fact to it, based on state law here in Louisiana and we could not find any corroborating evidence that indicates wrongdoing to place,' said Edmonson.

Edmonson said he personally delivered the news to Saints owner Tom Benson. He stopped short of saying ESPN got it wrong, but said saints fans needed to know the truth.

'There were some allegations that were made, and I know and I've been in law enforcement for too long, And I've been dealing with the media for well over 33 years and I certainly understand reporting when you hear things, I think that's what they did at this particular time,' said Edmonson.

The State Police investigation began in April, shortly after ESPN's allegation of eavesdropping surfaced. Edmonson says after numerous interviews -- in conjunction with the FBI -- investigators determined there was no evidence state laws were broken.

'Certainly, if additional information comes up, if other allegations come forward, if someone says something that needs to be looked at or reviewed, we'll follow up on that,' said Edmondson.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten could neither confirm nor deny an investigation involving the Saints eavesdropping allegations.

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