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NEW ORLEANS -- The 2013 Superbowl is 103 days away, and rentals are already popping up across New Orleans for the big game.

Websites are recruiting property owners to rent their homes, and individuals are posting their own personal ads. However, some of those rentals may be breaking the law.

'I thought it was interesting, if someone wanted to rent out my house for $10,000 a day that would be great,' said Mary Molinski.

Not far from the Lakeview resident's front door are advertising signs that have started to pop up in neutral grounds. The signs say rent your home for the Super Bowl and make up to $10,000 per day.

If you dial the number, you can speak with someone who collects your personal information and forwards it along to an agent and you'll also be directed to the website,

On Monday night, 16 listings were posted on the website along with the logo for the New Orleans Superbowl Committee, which after a phone call from Eyewitness News contacted the website to have the logo taken down.

Website after website continues to surface online promising lots of money for your willingness to rent your property this Superbowl.

Last year in Indianapolis, similar deals turned out to be scams.

'As innkeepers or people generally interested in insuring a wonderful visitor experience, we want to protect them from frauds and scams,' said Brian Furness with French Quarter Citizens.

Furness said when big events come to town and people decide to rent out their properties without the proper licenses, they're not only breaking the law but hurting small businesses.

'You diminish the profitability, the viability of all of the people who got the effort to make sure their properties are licensed and provide the kind of services visitors need day in and day out,' said Furness, who said the city isn't doing its part to crack down on offenders.

Right now it's against the law for somebody to rent out individual residential property for less than 60 days in the French Quarter, and less than 30 days citywide.

'Those are termed illegal short-term rentals. One of the reasons those are on the books is so that you didn't have illegal bed and breakfast type accommodations popping up across the city,' said Ryan Berni, spokesman for the city of New Orleans. He said the city does its best to make sure that property owners aren't illegally renting out their properties.

'When there are multiple complaints generated on a property, we do send them an administrative subpoena which basically says cease and desist or come into compliance,' said Berni.

In response to our story, the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee says it only endorses the official NFL Superbowl 47 Fan Housing Service. For details call 866-599-FANS.

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