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Now that both suspects in the Boston bombings are accounted for the country can breathe a sigh of relief.

'It was on ESPN -- all of a sudden it popped over to CBS and they apparently found the guy. Pretty interesting that,' said Ronnie Hall.

While law enforcement honed in on the second Boston bombings suspect more than 1500 miles away on Friday night, in New Orleans all eyes were glued to the television screen.

'We'd hoped that they've apprehended or taken out this guy. We're hoping that they capture him alive. We've talked about it because we're hoping they can get intelligence out of this,' said Rob Murray, who is visiting from North Carolina.

Intelligence that Paul Millard hopes will shed light on what went wrong during the marathon.

'I'm hoping that they find more information on it, so we can learn about this situation, how this happened and how we can improve our national security,' said Paul Millard.

Also at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar was Taylor Jenkins.

'New Orleans is about a half-million people and Boston is like two million, and I think its crazy to have the whole city shutdown for this one clown,' said Jenkins.

The New Orleans resident says shutting down Boston shows the intensity of a manhunt that appears to have finally paid off.

'I'm glad that they finally got him. I mean I've been watching this as everyone else has for the last 24 hours,' said Jenkins.

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