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NEW ORLEANS Citing a litany of failed obligations, Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux is ending the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Recovery School District, terminating early a $1.2 million oversight agreement.

In a letter to the state Superintendent of Education John White, Quatrevaux said the RSD 'routinely failed to provide access to its records,' 'Arbitrarily withheld payments due under the Agreements, making its first payment in August 2012 and not making another one until May 2013,' and, among other items, 'twice directed the OIG to stop working, in violation of the Agreements, which have no provision for a 'stop work order'.

Quatrevaux's office said the agreement was designed to provide a fraud deterrence program for construction for the RSD.

'The RSD realized that many of the functions the OIG was supposed to complete were similar to work already being performed by the Louisiana Legislative Auditors (LLA), GOHSEP, and RSD,' Zoey Reed, a spokesperson for RSD.

The remainder of the $1.2 million will be used for the oversight performed by LLA and GOSHEP, Reed said.

'The officials who originally requested the OIG's oversight have subsequently departed from the RSD. Without their goodwill to overcome the lack of authority for RSD operations, the oversight was unworkable,' a statement from the Inspector General's Office said.

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