RIVERRIDGE, La. - Five-star wide receiver Malachi Dupre, by many accounts the top-rated receiving prospect in the nation, chose to remain in state and help LSUfill the void left by departing receivers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham.

Dupre chose the Tigers over LSU, Alabama and Florida State, saying it was a very tough choice.

'It was just a hard, hard decision to make,'he said. '(It was)a lot tougher than people think it was.'

Dupre said he had forged a bond with UCLAcoach Jim L. Mora and that he also thought about catching passes from Heisman Trophy winner and national champion, Jameis Winston.

'I thought about going to California. I'd be in L.A., the media capital of the country,'he said. 'Ithought what it would be like to play with Jameis Winston.'

Dupre's decision pleased his mother, who said she was excited about being able to take the short drive up to Baton Rouge to see her son play.

'I am so elated that he is going to be at home,'said Rosalind Dupre. 'It was so awesome with all of the opportunities that he had, but for him to be staying close is a blessing.'

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