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NEW ORLEANS 'Her being a Yellow Fever nurse, she endeared herself to a lot of people. But at the same time, she was reviled by a lot of people,' explained Milton Carr of Positive Tours.

Voodoo legend Marie Laveau's tomb is a regular stop for tour guide Milton Carr.

'I think it's wild, and interesting, and historical, and there's nothing like this in New England,' said Margie Klavens of Boston.

'Recently this tomb was painted pink,' Carr told his tour.

It made headlines when the Laveau Tomb was coated in pink paint in mid December, perhaps to cover the triple X's left by those making wishes.

'Well, I thought it sounded like a desecration of a cemetery and it didn't sound like a good idea to me' John Klavens said.

But then when pressure washing revealed decades of neglect and damage, there were concerns about proper restoration. Now the Archdiocese has found the company it wants.

'Bayou Preservation is presenting us with a plan for a historic restoration of Marie Laveau's tomb,' Archdiocese spokeswoman Sarah McDonald said.

Bayou Preservation plans to repair the damage, topping it with special new plaster designed to protect the bricks in the 170-year old tomb.

'Save Our Cemeteries has also been involved in the conversation and has offered to cover some of the costs,' McDonald said.

They figure it is going to take several months to complete the work, but said when it is done, the tomb will be restored to last for generations to come.

'We gotta have Marie Laveau. If we don't have Marie Laveau, we're in trouble,' Carr exclaimed. 'But no more X's on the tombs? No, we don't want X's on the tombs. If you want to make an X, take a piece of paper, put it in your pocket. If you get whatever she asked you for, then you take it, put a circle on it, you keep the X's.'

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