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THIBODAUX, La. -- High tech in Thibodaux to fight crime. There's an app for that, and Thibodaux police are using an app for citizen tips, knowing it will appeal to younger residents.

'If we don't move with the times we're going to be left behind, because criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their operations,' said Thibodaux Police Cpl. David Melancon.

Just go to the App Store, search for Thibodaux police and download the app. It's free. Then tips about crimes or criminals can be sent by text messages directly to police, anonymously.

'People who are there, in the community, every day, in the neighborhood, on the street, when they see that this person is wanted, they just quickly send in an alert to law enforcement via the app, and we're there,' Melancon said.

This week they are listing suspects with outstanding arrest warrants on the app site, ready to respond instantly to tips about their locations.

'We were able to clear up several warrants so far this week, and we're positive, optimistic that more are to come,' said Melancon.

Ironically the company the Thibodaux Police Department worked with to develop the app is called AppArrests, and they report 40 law enforcement agencies in 17 states are now using these apps. And in Thibodaux, there's a lot of information on that app.

'You can see the jail roster; sex offenders, you can find out where sex offenders are from it. If you see graffiti, you can snap a picture, and it will geocode the information, and just submit it,' said Melancon.

So what reactions are they hearing about the app?

'It's convenient. It's cool, so to speak,' Melancon said with a delighted laugh.

Cops being cool. There's an app for that in Thibodaux.

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