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NEW ORLEANS -- Now this will get your attention -- a 5-feet-wide hole in Jena Street just off South Claiborne.

Water and sand are boiling out of it, forming pools down the block. It is just outside the Salvation Army Center Of Hope.

'I'm baffled on this one,' said the Salvation Army's Benny Capagnano. 'This is just ridiculous. I've never seen, I've never seen anything like this go this long.'

'We actually reported it five times to the Sewerage & Water Board, and each time we called they just tell us it's been reported,' said Salvation Army Development Director Patricia O'Hara.

It appeared a week ago, a new leak at the site of a repair job completed by contractors a month ago.

'The asphalt right there bowed up like it was being pushed up from underneath, and then it collapsed,' Capagnano said.

With the major construction project underway on Napoleon, this stretch of Jena is now a main route to Ochsner Baptist Medical Center. But it wasn't the Sewerage & Water Board that set up the warning cones to alert drivers.

'I put those cones there,' said Capagnano . 'They were over here. I put them out there.'

'It's very much a hazard,' O'Hara said. 'It's not only a hazard for motorists driving by -- this is a very busy street -- but it is also a hazard for residents here at the Center of Hope.'

The Salvation Army waited a week before emailing me about this. But now they say this is urgent, so I'll be asking the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board to treat it that way and get it fixed quickly.

It did become a priority, and after a couple of days, the repair crew was on the scene to fix the leak and reopen the street.

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