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SLIDELL, La. -- Despite every employee and family member working overtime at Kenney Seafood in Slidell, the lines just kept growing for seafood on Good Friday.

'It's probably 10 times a normal Friday during the year,' said Brian Cappy.

The orders ranged from today's lunch to tomorrow's dinner and, of course, Easter crawfish.

'Crawfish is the most popular, then shrimp, then oysters, crabmeat, everything else after that,'Cappy said.

The business gets so busy, they hired a police officer to manage the parking lot and the people going in and out, over and over.

'Oh it was a zoo That's what I said it was, it was a zoo, but it was a fun zoo,'said customer Gerry Parker.

'It was fine,' Neil Comeaux said. 'Way easier than I thought.'

While it may seem like the work Friday is off the charts, this is actually the beginning, and it ends at 10 a.m. Easter Sunday.

'Excited to be busy because it's either feast or famine, and it makes up for September or October, the slower months of the year,' Cappy said.

So with heavy stock on-site and product moving out almost as fast as it's coming in, this Easter weekend seems prime to be another for the seafood sales record books.

After the weekend's rush, retailers say expect crawfish prices to drop significantly starting Monday.

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