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NEW ORLEANS -- It was a bloody weekend in New Orleans with 14 people injured in shootings and one person hurt in a stabbing.

One shooting victim ended up in Lower Coast Algiers Sunday night. A pregnant 16-year-old from Gretna ended up in the 11,700 block of Patterson Road after someone shot her in the neck, chest and back.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified said the teenager banged on his door and said a boyfriend shot her. She collapsed on his porch and he called 911.

The crime has other folks in this small community along the levee on edge.

'I think of this 16-year-old and in my thoughts I'm going, my God,' said Barbara LeMeur. 'How horrible is it where you think you have to shoot someone?'

'This is the first time I've ever heard of anybody getting shot down here,' said John LeMeur.

Lower Coast Algiers neighbors say they hear about shootings all the time in the big city, but they never expected a shooting victim to be dumped on the side of the road in their tranquil community in the middle of the night.

'To be shot and left for dead, thrown in a ditch, that is horrendous,' said Barbara LeMeur. 'Not out here.'

'I hope and pray that the girl pulls through,' said John LeMeur. 'She's only 16. We're all in God's hands.'

Police say the shooting is a domestic incident. Doctors and nurses at the Spirit of Charity Trauma Center in New Orleans were able to save her life and the life of the baby.

The 16-year-old is in critical but stable condition. Her baby, born two months early, is in stable condition.

'It's part of our process to take care of the patient as a whole and if the patient has another patient inside, that's part of the patient that we take care of,' said Norman McSwain, MD, trauma director at the Interim LSU Public Hospital.

McSwain's ER also saved a dozen other gunshot victims this weekend.

'It's our job to take care of them,' said McSwain. 'We don't ask why, how, don't try to talk to the patient and say gosh, who did you get this gunshot wound from or who shot you.'

But, McSwain has some words for those doing the shooting.

'It would be better to operate on cancer or something else. Hey, quit shooting each other.'

As of late Monday afternoon, the NOPD was still looking for a suspect in the shooting of the pregnant teenager.

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