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NEWORLEANS- There are alleys running behind many of the homes in Lakeview, but residents are fed up with the fact that many of them contain holes that make the narrow pathways hard to navigate.

The alleys are in such bad shape neighbors' photographs show even the garbage trucks are getting stuck.

'My transmission, I tore up my transmission,' said Mary Lunn. 'So therefore, I don't come down this way any more at all.'

'Park on the street, that's basically it,' said Keith Andrews. '(But in Lakeview) it's not set up for street parking.'

For decades, the city sent out equipment to smooth the alleys, but neighbors say the frequency has declined since Katrina, and dwindled to nothing over the last few months.

'Before Katrina, we had to put speed bumps to get people to quit speeding up and down the alleys, and now you see what it is,' said Smith.

The residents emailed me about this situation three months ago, and it still looks like this. A month ago, I ran into the head of the City's Department of Public Works, who told me that the equipment used to smooth out the alleys is broken. I suggested he get it fixed, and fixed quickly.

'The City graders need to get working like they were before Katrina,'said Andrews.

'I want the City to fix it,' said Lunn. 'I want to get something for my taxes that I pay, that I have never gotten nothing really, since I've been living here.'

A City spokesman says the equipment has been repaired, and they are working on Mondays weather permitting, now halfway through the list of alleys, and expect to be finished by the end of the month.

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