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NEWORLEANS - A gang of thieves is targeting the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods with most of the heists at local businesses.

The NOPD says one person has been arrested in connection to six cases. However, detectives are looking for his alleged accomplices.

'The Marigny is a great location. When it became available we jumped right on it,' said Alonzo McDaniel who opened a second, pet supply and grooming store in the neighborhood 15 months ago.

The entrepreneur says his love for animals is why he decided to expand McFaith Feed & Pet Supplies. All was going well until they were hit by thieves.

'They were pros, stole our security cameras and they took money drawers, did a l little damage to the store,' said McDaniel.

According to, 25 businesses, mostly in the Marigny and a few in the Bywater, have been robbed in the last two and a half months. In several cases, the same business has been burglarized multiple times even with security measures in place.

'We've been broken into twice in three weeks and a lot of my neighboring business have been burglarized as well,' added McDaniel.

Neighbors tell Eyewitness News a coffee shop in 2400 block of Burgundy Street was burglarized twice in one week.

'They were working together, in a way, that they could elude us and not be detected,' said NOPD 8th District Commander Jeffrey Walls.

At Thursday night's 8th District community crime briefing, Commander Jeffrey Walls confirmed an arrest thanks to a fingerprint. Police say 26-year-old Vides Dominguez is connected to at least six break-ins including the feed and pet store. More arrests could follow.

'He's working with some other individuals that we've identified. Since then, his arrest, we've cleared up that burglary problem that we were having,' said Commander Walls.

'They broke this one open on the second time,' said McDaniel pointing to damaged cash register drawers.

As these businesses who have fallen victim try to bounce back it's hard not to feel a sense of frustration.

'You come to work every day and try to make the best of your situation. When someone comes in and does something like this its a big setback,' said McDaniel.

In many of these business burglaries, victims tell us i-pads, security DVR systems, cash, and televisions were among some of the items stolen. The NOPD says these cases are still under investigation.

Police are reminding business owners and residents to lock and secure their places, set their alarms systems and have a surveillance video systems. Police also recommend if you are going out of town to let someone you trust check on your property.

If you can help detectives solve any of these burglary cases, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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