The traditional Mid-City bonfire will not take place this year as organizers say there isn't enough time to solve the legal and liability issues before New Year's Eve.

The group, which has its bonfire on Orleans Avenue between City Park Avenue and Carrollton, had been trying to raise money to pay for the permits required.

Organizers said they came close to raising the needed funds, but that they can't get the required liability insurance and legal paperwork done in time to keep the tradition, which has been around since the 1940s, alive.

'There's a big hole in my holiday celebration,'said Mary Hogan. 'I've been attending the bonfire for 17, pushing 20 years now.'

Hogan said one of the main problems is that the event is loosely organized by neighbors, with no organized group to take hold of all the legal reins.

'There's no organization, no legal entity to step up and take the responsibility to put their name on the permits, put their name on the insurance amd to be liable for the whole event.'

Hogan saidanyone that tries to start a fire on the site will be subject to arrest and they strong warn against it.

They said they will try hard this coming year to raise the funds to continue the tradition on New Year's Eve 2010.

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