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TANGIPAHOA, La. -- Some say the drastic reductions in funding for the LSU Health System is leaving a hospital in Tangipahoa Parish in shambles.

The $14 million cut at Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center is almost 35 percent of the facility's entire budget.

Services on tap for elimination include surgery, cardiology and the I.C.U. Other specialties dropping dramatically are oncology, gynocology and disease management.

One hundred fifty people could be jobless, and everyone is devastated by it.

'For Lallie Kemp to be here and to be ehre for the community, who may have lost their job or had a bad turn of events and find themselves without health insurance, we want to be here for those people, they need us,' said Dr. Kathleen Willis, the medical director.

'The ones trying and struffling and striving to see tomorrow, they're cheating us all of that tomorrow,' said HIV patient Gerard Thomas.

All hope is not lost, yet. Hospital officials are working with lawmakers to try to lessen the cuts to Lallie Kemp. If they can get more money, they want it to go toward saving surgery first.

'Still it's given us just a little bit of hope and so I'll hang onto that hope until the end,' said Sherre Pack-Hookfin, administrator at Lallie Kemp.

The LSU Hospital in Bogalusa was also hit by a $3 million budget cut. It's forcing the facility to close several clinics and absorb pediatrics into primary care.

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