PIERRE PART, La. - A 10-year-old boy was arrested on criminal damage and trespassing charges after deputies say he and another young boy went into a lumber yard and drove a truck that they crashed.

Deputies said the child and a 9-year-old smashed the truck into another truck, damaging both along with a garage door. Deputies also said that one or both of the children admitted to spraying fire extinguishers in the building and to other crimes including previously vandalizing a Jeep and smashing the glass on a money machine at a car wash.

The most recent incidents occurred on Sept. 23. The 10-year-old was arrested on three counts of criminal damage to property and three counts of criminal trespassing. He was booked and released to his mother. The 9-year-old was not arrested because deputies said that under Louisiana State Law anyone under 10 years of age is exempt from criminal responsibility.

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