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ST. TAMMANY,La -- Navigating through several neighborhoods Wednesday in Covington was a challenge.

But for at least two subdivisions, police cut off access for the safety of drivers and the continued dryness of homes and businesses.

For the neighborhoods that you could get into, you saw a lot of ditches, almost unrecognizable under water, with that water pouring out onto the street, making it hard for people to drive through.

For a homeowner and his neighbors in the Tammany Hills area, the situation is a frustrating and all too common one.

'I've just been trying to keep everything away from my culvert and in my driveway where it doesn't back up anymore into my yard and I just run down the road and checked the culvert that's usually the main culvert for all this back up. It's backed up there pretty good too,' Jimmy Griffin said.

Neighbors feel like it's a simple fix falling on deaf ears.

'I think it's kind of ridiculous,' said Griffin, 'We've lived here seven years. We pay a lot in property taxes, and every time we have a good thunderstorm, this is what happens.'

In Tangipahoa Parish, while a short tornado warning threatened parts of Independence and Amite, in Bedico, a homeowner shared similar complaints as some in Covington, and similar frustrations getting them addressed.

'We call the builders, builders say it's somebody else's problem. We call the parish, they say it's the builders problem. Nobody will come out here and fix it,'Amy Thibodeaux said.

It's a rain event some hope lead to help before flooding gets worse in the future.

There were no confirmed reports of water in homes or businesses.

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