NEW ORLEANS The Category-5, a large hot dog with black-eyed pea chili and a special 'hurricane' sauce, is one of a handful of new food offerings Saints fans will encounter this season at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The price of the half pound dog wasn't available, but the black-eyed pea chili and hurricane sauce obviously are meant to help the normally run-of-the-mill stadium fare stand out. A smaller version of the dog simply called a 'hurricane dog,' but with the same toppings, is also being offered.

The menu at the Superdome has changed over the years beyond the typical nachos, peanuts, beer, hot dogs and sodas though those will be available.

Also new to the menu this year is a 'Black and Gold' po boy that features roast beef debris topped with fried shrimp; and the 'Pigskin' po boy that features pork belly and jalapeno corn relish.

You like fries? You'll be able to get them topped with nacho sauce, sour cream and green onions or topped with roast beef debris.

For those who want a healthier option, there will be fresh fruit parfaits and bowls; a variety of salads, a roasted wrap and hummus supreme.

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