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NEWORLEANS-- Kamanthe Landry describes herself as 'a woman of style and class' on the website for the O How Excellent Boutique she owns on Broad Street.

Friends say she became a minister in the course of transforming herself from a woman with drug addiction problems to a business owner who also ministered other people.

'She's a success story,' said friend Pastor Andrew Van. 'She went back to school, she got a GED, she opened up a business, she's in college right now at Delgado Community College.'

Van said Landry works with his ministry, and he helped her get her business started.

'She was in good spirit,' said friend Gary Studivant.

Studivant said he and Kamanthe were riding bikes headed to City Park the day she vanished a week and a half ago.

She had to stop to meet with another woman with the ministry, and he told her he was too tired to go on to the park. She said she would go on alone.

'She was stressin, but she was feeling good,' Studivant said. 'She said I just want just ride down there and clear my head, I guess think things over, you know.'

Van said if Kamanthe had a relapse, she would have come back for her possessions and the money she still has in the bank. But it's all still there.

'I'm trying not to think foul play, suicide or homicide, but there's something that's wrong here,' Van said.

Landry is 38 years old, 5'3', weighs about 165 pounds and was last seen on the evening of April 12 headed down Ursulines on a green huff mountain bike wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

If you know anything that can help police find Kamanthe, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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