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NEWORLEANS - Who Dat fans got a taste of the NFL's new security policy at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Friday night. The League is tackling bags by down-sizing what football fanatics can bring into the Dome on game day. Some Saints fans weren't too happy about the changes.

'Who Dat say they're gonna beat those Saints?! Who Dat? Who Dat?!' shouted fans who began tailgating early Friday afternoon and the talk was already about heightened security.

'I don't think it makes sense at all. I think we're safe. I'm going to have to go to the game in slippers because they're going to make me take my shoes off,' said Allen Pazon.

Pazon isn't a supporter of the new security policy. However, Saints fans like Melonie Fortune says she is all on-board.

'The lines are so long. You're standing in the heat, you're standing in the cold, you're standing in the rain. This way everything will be faster,' said Fortune.

In May, the NFL Committee on Stadium Security voted on new bag safety measures to keep the public safe and on Friday fans were put to the test.

'You can go in. I can't let the bag in,' said a security guard greeting a couple outside the Dome.

The new policy says if you plan on bringing a bag its has to fit the new guidelines. The NFL says clear plastic, vinyl or PVC material bags that are 12 x 6 x12 are okay. So are one-gallon Ziploc or clutch-size bags. The League says exceptions will be made for medically necessary items.

'I went to the Saints facility and got my bag as a season ticket holder. I put my own little spin on it to make it Saint-related,' said Lisette Bergeron showing off her new buy.

'They're saying it's for NFL regulations and I want to believe that,' said Saints fan Kerri Ringe who was one of the unlucky ones turned away by security and forced to use plastic. 'This is 6x6 you'all! I measured it. I swear!'

'Here's everything I own. Please come and rob me. That's how I feel especially if you're a woman in the city right now,' said Ringe.

This latest safety measure is one of many the NFL has adopted including pat downs, bag checks and metal detectors. For a full list of what you can now bring into the Superdome CLICK HERE.

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