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NEW ORLEANS -- The Metro area was a virtual ghost town Tuesday evening. Stretches of I-10 were shut down, shopping centers were empty and roads clear of traffic.

'It's crazy. It's kind of like it was after Kartina, there's nobody out here,' said Ivis Nelson.

He was at a gas station filling up his with anti-freeze. He was among the few people out and about. Louisiana State Police say people heeding the constant warnings to stay off local roads is a major factor in the minimal number if accidents.

'We are responding to crashes but it's been minimal. Last week we investigated 745 crashes during that ice storm, so I think folks are listening,' said Trooper Melissa Matey with LSP Troop B.

Jefferson Parish John Young said despite the multiple closures to major thoroughfares, the latest burst of winter weather has not caused major impacts to power and traffic.

Southeast Louisiana officials like Young are accustomed to preparing for storms, but usually the ones of a tropical nature.

Young said there are similarities.

'You do the same thing. You touch the same sort of bases. Even though they're different, you rely on your public works people and rely on them to make sure you're out making the streets are clear,' said Young.

While Young covered the bases for the parish, he may have missed one crucial bit of personal attire for a winter storm.

'No, I don't have long underwear, you usually don't need it here,' said Young.

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