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NEWORLEANS- You can blame the New Orleans heat, humidity and rainy summers for what you now see on top of the Superdome.

Add a little dirt floating in the atmosphere and itgives the normally white roof, patches of grayish-brown.

'Although the roof itself appears to be a very smooth surface, it actually has little crevices and cracks in it that accumulate dirt and mold starts growing during the rainy season,' said Superdome GM Alan Freeman.

People on the street don't like what they see.

'Sometimes it's clean and sometimes it like you see now,' said Romalis Mason.

'It looks worse further away than close up,' said Mike Nicholl.

Mason and Nicholl work for Grace's Transportation, a shuttle bus and limousine service across Claiborne Avenue from the dome.

They say one of the most recognizable buildings in the city's skyline needs to clean up its act.

'It's really dirty and it doesn't help the fact that we're trying to keep our city clean,' said Nicholl.

'Driving on the interstate, that's the first thing you see as you get closer to the Superdome,' said Mason. 'I think it will better, cleaner.'

Freeman agrees.

'We are hoping that we'll get past this rainy season very soon and not have any additional accumulation of dirt up there, so we can go up there and clean it,' said Freeman.

Crews have pressured washed the top of the dome at least once a year since the new roof was installed after Hurricane Katrina ripped off the old one.

Dome managers are now working with the roof manufacturer to find a solution to the problem.

'They've recommended some chemicals to use, some chemicals that will be applied the next time we pressure wash it to hopefully inhibit this build up of mold and mildew,' said Freeman.

'There's been some concern about putting a chemical on there that may jeopardize the warranty we have on the roof.'

Freeman hopes to get a crew up there in the next 30 days to clean the dirty dome.

He's not sure if this is the last time it will have to be cleaned before the Super Bowl next year.

The price tag on each cleaning, nearly $100,000.

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