METAIRIE, La. ― The news didn't take long to filter out thanks to the internet and social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Reggie Bush had been traded to Miami for a backup safety and undisclosed draft picks.

Luckily for us on Thursday, Saints coach Sean Payton, quarterback Drew Brees and middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma spoke to the media.

Here are a few things they said about Bush:

Sean Payton
--On what went into the trade:
'Number one, you start with the salary number. That was the obvious challenge. Really, he and I spent some time in the last week, where we had a gap where we could talk to players. The challenge is that we went a long period of time without being able to talk to our players. We spoke a lot yesterday. We had several conversations. The first thing, can we begin the process to find a way to bring you back here? He and I probably talked three different times. I think there was a point where we felt, Mickey and I, that the likelihood of that possibly happening was slim.'

--On Bush's unique challenges:
'I think the challenge for him with his arrival in New Orleans, and I think a lot of you were here in 2006 when he was selected, it was going to be difficult for him ever to live up to some people's expectations. I do know this though, in the league and around the league, he is a player that is dangerous, feared, and respected.'

--On Bush's meaning to New Orleans circa 2006:
'From a momentum standpoint, when we selected him, he was very important for this city. His efforts are very appreciated. Regardless of how things ended, I know he has a ton of respect for the people in this building. We have a great relationship. I know one of the things that were pulling at him last night was leaving the fans here and the unique opportunity that he got to share with the fans here. That was something that tugged at him, and we move on.'

--On if the Saints would have cut him:
'If he was not traded and did not want to re-negotiate his contract than it would have been hard for us to keep him on at that number.'

--On if Bush would have re-negotiated:
'I don't want to speak for Reggie, but I think this was a decision not as much about money but about an opportunity for more involvement. This is a team, Miami, which is thin at that position. I am sure that he felt that there were a lot of players at that position here. I think it was about becoming a player that could get more touches per game and I respect and understand that completely.'

Drew Brees
--On the Bush trade:
'Obviously we had five great years here with Reggie. I think this whole offseason that this has been a big topic and I think in the end, obviously Reggie felt like maybe that the opportunity for him was elsewhere. ... Obviously, this is something we all knew was coming, or there was a possibility of this coming, and obviously he is on his way elsewhere and we wish him the best and this doesn't change our relationship at all.'

--On the pressure Bush faced:
'Still to this day I'm not sure if there is any other guy that has come into the league with more hype and expectation than Reggie Bush. That's been a lot of pressure on a young kid who came in at twenty years old.'

--On how Bush handled the pressure:
'For a lot of reasons over the past five years, I think at times he handled it very well, and I think at other times it was very overwhelming. I know, we as his teammates, try to be supportive as possible.'

Jonathan Vilma
--On what it was like for Bush coming in the NFL like he did:
'I think it took a man's man to be able to handle all the things that he had to handle: the injuries that he had to battle through, the scrutiny he was under, as you said a Heisman Trophy winner, the things that went on with USC, and still having to come out and perform. I think that he handled it admirably. I think that he did a great job; when it was his time, he made the most of it. You never saw an outburst; you never saw him fire back at the media or anything like that. He handled it all in stride and I think he did a great job.'

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