KENNER, La. - On their last day of campaigning to become Kenner's next mayor, candidates Mike Yenni and Phil Capitano continued a heated war of words.

'This morning we've called this news conference to challenge Mike Yenni to come out of hiding,' said Capitano. 'We haven't been able to see him at any forums or debates. He's now missed three of them.'

'Let me tell you, every debate, I've debated him 12 times, at least 12 times,' Yenni responded.

'I'm not afraid of Mr. Capitano,' Yenni said. 'I'd like to refute more of his lies that he keeps telling.'

'Mike Yenni is not who he says he is, and he has been called out, and he is a liar,' Capitano shot back.

'He has no record,' Capitano said of Yenni. 'He's not who he says he is, and he hasn't acomplished anything.'

'I've worked 12 years in administration, in governmental administration positions,' was Yenni's answer.

'He makes allegations about being sued for a credit card that I don't have, it was an identity theft,' Capitano complained.

'Everything I've put out has been factual,' Yenni asserted. 'He's been pasting my picture on the side of a milk carton. I'd rather him pay his house note, or pay his credit card bills that he's getting sued for.'

'He makes an allegation that I didn't pay my house note, which I indeed have paid. I was late,' Capitano said.

Mike Yenni says his polling shows he has a 14-point lead in the race. Phil Capitano says his polls show he has a slight lead in what is closer to a dead heat. So I asked both candidates what would their administration look like, versus their opponent's.

'With me as mayor, we'll go back to getting things done,' Capitano said. 'We'll bring back progress to the city of Kenner. They'll have a mayor who actually cares. With Mr. Yenni he's acomplished nothing.'

'I don't cause problems,' Yenni responded. 'I'm not an adversarial person like Mr. Capitano is. I mean, he fought with the police chief, he fought with the parish, he fought with the levee board, he fought with the airport. We built bridges with all those entities.'
In just a few hours, voters will decide who they want to be Kenner's next mayor.

Capitano accused Yenni of a last minute smear campaign, Yenni says Capitano began the campaign with an attack.

Both former mayor Capitano and former Chief Administrative Officer Yenni are Republican, and that may the only point of agreement between them.

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