The Los Angeles Times has a small story that makes a big statement with its headline: 'Gulf oil spill: The Big Easy takes the news with shrug.'

Despite only being five paragraphs long and only interviewing one person, Richard Fausset with the LA Times makes a statement on the city as a whole and how its citizens are viewing this disaster.

'In New Orleans, there is a sort of surreal atmosphere about the gulf oil spill disaster: Locals are aware of how grave the situation is, but many of them particularly in the retail, tourism and restaurant industries are swamped serving happy out-of-town revelers in town for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.'

Fausset interviewed one person who said few people mentioned it while he was working at the Louisiana Music Factory. However, the man goes on later to say that one person was moved to tears while he was at a grocery store.

'The clerk was almost crying over the brown pelicans,' he said.

Does this seem fair to you? Do you see locals and visitors being concerned about the oil spill, or are they just 'shrugging?'

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CBS:Gulf Oil Spill, by the Numbers has compiled a list of statistics that put the oil spill in perspective. Among the tidbits:

- According to BP, as of Friday 20,313 barrels (853,146 gallons) of an oil-water mix have been recovered, an increase of 90,000 gallons from Thursday

- More than 400 species of wildlife, including whales and dolphins, face a dire threat from the spill, along with Louisiana's barrier islands and marshlands. In the national refuges most at risk, about 34,000 birds have been counted, including gulls, pelicans, roseate spoonbills, egrets, shore birds, terns and blue herons.

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