NEW ORLEANS Over 50 salons and about 20 dog groomers have agreed to donate their unwanted hair or fur to make some unusual tools to help soak up oil in the Gulf of Mexico that is coming from the massive oil leak.

The hair and fur will be stuffed into donated nylon stockings in order to create an absorbent boom that can be placed out at sea.

A California-based non-profit group called 'A Matter of Trust' actually started the project well before the oil spill.

Ironically, Daisye Suduran, a New Orleans spa director, got involved six months ago, and through her efforts her workplace is now the main collection site for the Gulf Coast.

'Matter of Trust will actually be sending us supplies as well from salons around the country,' she said. 'They're actually collecting some 400,000 pounds of hair and nylons to be shipped across the Gulf Coast.' If you'd like to help, you can bring nylons, hair or fur to the collection site at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Canal Street. p>

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