BATON ROUGE, La. The Louisiana Senate approved a bill that would restrict many felons from receiving government contracts.

The bill from Representative Walker Hines, D-New Orleans, was passed unanimously. It had previously been passed in the State House and will go to Governor Jindal for his signature.

Hines said he was motivated to write the legislation because of WWL-TV's series of reports on convicted felons gaining contracts.

The bill would forever ban a business from receiving contracts if someone who owns ten percent or more off the business has been convicted of: extortion, money laundering, public bribery or corrupt influencing.

There would be a five-year ban for businesses where someone who owns ten percent or more of the company has been convicted of: theft, identify theft, theft of business, records, false accounting, issuing worthless checks, bank fraud, forgery, malfeasance in office or misapplication of payments for contractors.

The law would only apply to those convicted after it is enacted into law.

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