Prior to beginning a workout, it is important to consume foods and beverages that will prepare your body and its system for the activity or activities that are to come. When you begin working out you want to be certain that, first of all, you are properly hydrated, then you need to be sure that you have enough energy to get through your workout without being exhausted.

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Certain types of food and beverages are better than others for helping you get through that workout. Fueling your body properly pre-workout, will aid in a productive workout. Here are five of the top foods and beverages that can help you prep for a workout:

Next week I will list five of the top foods and beverages that can help your body replenish after a workout. For more information about healthy food choices and workouts you can do at home, log on to my website, To download a free copy of my Performance Fuel Guide, go to this link:

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