METAIRIE, La. ― Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis has been in his current position since 2002 and with the franchise since 2000. Not once does he remember having the team's first-round selection signed and in camp on the first day.

That won't change this year despite having the final pick in April's NFL Draft, a position that generally lends itself to early signings.

'This is no surprise,' Loomis said. 'You would think that picking at the end of the round you would have an easier time of getting the contract done. That doesn't seem to be the case this year as it has been in the past. I'm not alarmed in any way.'

But Loomis doesn't expect Patrick Robinson to be out of camp long. In fact, he doesn't think the week will reach Monday with Robinson unsigned.

'I think we're close,' Loomis said. 'I would be surprised if it's not done before the weekend is out.'
Robinson played four seasons at Florida State, starting his final 12 and 25 games total for the Seminoles. He tallied 117 tackles and had seven interceptions, including six during a standout sophomore campaign

That experience, along with playing at cornerback, will help Robinson catch up quickly when he does sign, Head Coach Sean Payton said.

'At corner, the learning curve maybe not as steep,' Payton said. 'I do think the time he spent in our offseason program and the minicamps that he has been involved with and the OTAs, he has got a pretty good grasp. In fact, we've worked him not only outside, but at the nickel as well.'

Four first-rounders have already signed, including three of the eight players selected directly in front of Robinson.

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