Officials in Plaquemines Parish are reporting a fish kill in Bayou Robinson the third such fish kill in the parish in recent days.

P. J. Hahn, director for the Coastal Zone Management Department, took photos of another large fish kill in the waters of Plaquemines Parish.

The previous fish kills were reported in Bay Chaland and Bay Joe Wise and were predominantly menhaden, also called pogie.

The Bay Chaland fish kill was discovered on Sept. 10 and the Bay Joe Wise fish kill was discovered by officials Thursday.

'Hahn said Thursday that the fish (in Bay Joe Wise) covered at least one-fourth of a square mile, with oil visible among them. He said he wanted the area tested because it was affected by oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill,' said a report from the Associated Press.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of dead fish floating west of the Mississippi River in Bayou Chaland, several days before, a large starfish kill was found in nearby Barataria Bay, and a dead baby whale was discovered near Venice a few days later.

So far, none of the fish kills have been connected to oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon or the oil disperant used in fighting the oil spill.

A day after reported, Randy Pausina, assistant secretary for the Office of Fisheries in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, said biologists went to check the fish kill at Bay Joe Wise on Friday and expected to find the cause to be similar to Bay Chaland, low oxygen caused by high temperatures in shallow water.

''The hotter the water is, the less oxygen the water can hold,' Pausina said. Heat also speeds up plant and animal metabolism, so they need more oxygen. Fish trapped in shallow water use up its oxygen and suffocate,' said a report from the Associated Press.

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