Where the Saints Rank:

The rankings that you care about
Total offense (346.8 yards) 10th
Rush offense (75.6 yards) 31st
Pass offense (271.2 yards) 5th

Total defense (306.4 yards) 9th
Rush defense (118.8 yards) 22nd
Pass defense (187.6 yards) 6th

A ranking the coaches care about
Take-aways / Give-aways (minus-1) Tied for 16th
-- 4 Interception, 4 Fumble Recoveries --
-- 5 Thrown Interceptions, 4 Lost Fumble

Rankings etc.
First-down plays/offense 146 plays, averaging 4.6 yards per play, 29th (NFL ave.= 5.47 ypp)
First-down plays/defense 124 plays, averaging 5.31 yards per play, 14th (NFL ave.= 5.47 ypp)
Red Zone Offense 19 possessions, 7 TD's, 8 FG's, 36.8 percent score TD
Red Zone Defense 10 possessions, 6 TD's, 3 FG's, 60 percent score TD
Kickoffs (kicking team) 23 kickoffs, 5 touchbacks, Average Start 26.6, 12th (NFL ave. 26.7)

Individually speaking
Drew Brees 1st in completion percentage (71.4 percent)
4th in yards (1410 yards)
9th in QB rating (95.7)
17th in 4th Quarter QB rating (78.2)
4th in 3rd-down passing (110.7)

Pierre Thomas 41st in yards (147)
Chris Ivory 46th (tied) in yards (119)
Marques Colston 24th (tied) in receptions (25)
Jeremy Shockey 32nd (tied) in receptions (23)
Marques Colston 29th in yards (287)
Jeremy Shockey 49th in yards (226)
Devery Henderson 31st (tied) third-down receiving (6)
Pierre Thomas 44th (tied) for first downs recorded (15)
Marques Colston 44th (tied) for first downs recorded (15)

Now it's your move. Any of these rankings surprising?

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